Cavaliers vs Warriors Game 3 Live Stream, Date, Start Time

In the end, these NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors continue to show that there is only one man who can do, even a king.
LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers made the impossible last year, but as always is the case, it is time to redefine what is classified as such. Right now, the Cavaliers who even take a game of these Golden State Warriors before the third attempt on Wednesday night seems unlikely.

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Cavaliers vs Warriors

It may seem like a hyperbole, but only for those who did not catch Game 1. Or Game 2. We are talking about results 113-91 and 132-113 that are not as similar to last year’s series as some in the greater Cleveland area could wait.

This, if it is not already, should be made known in the rest of the series, where Game 5 and now fall a lot in the category “if necessary”:

Game 3: Golden State in Cleveland, Wednesday, June 7, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, broadcasting on WatchESPN
Game 4: Golden State in Cleveland, Friday, June 9, at 9 pm ET ABC, broadcasting on WatchESPN
Game 5 (if needed): Cleveland at Golden State, Monday, June 12, at 9 pm ET on ABC, broadcasting on WatchESPN
Game 6 (if needed): Golden State in Cleveland, Thursday, June 15, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, broadcasting on WatchESPN
Game 7 (if needed): Cleveland at Golden State, Sunday, June 18, at 8 pm ET on ABC, broadcasting on WatchESPN

The above sounds all damned and sad from a Cavaliers perspective, but it’s for good reason. Sunday night was marked as an event in which the defending champions would show brilliant tactical adjustments to counter Kevin Durant and the Cavaliers vs Warriors, making it an interesting series and honoring their historic bill.

Those who expect such an angle will have to keep waiting.

Stop if you’ve heard this before – James simply has nothing else around him. Kevin Love scored 27 points, but received systematic abuse inside. Kyrie Irving appears to be playing some of the worst basketball of his career coming out of a game in which he scored 19 in a line of 8 of 23.

Veterans wanted to help the second unit, such as Deron Williams and Richard Jefferson, could also be invisible, and assumed that Durant-stoppers like Iman Shumpert and others could not even take the floor due to the Golden State lineup.

Understandably, then, if James was a little testy in interviews after the game, as captured by NBA TV:

Man’s only human, both in his ability and in his patience.

Stress factors are not hard to figure out.

Durant scored 38, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in the first match, Durant dropped another 33, 13 and six on Sunday night, bouncing his shot percentage to 59.1 percent and again hitting half of his depth attempts , Going 4 out of 8.

Durant is the main reason why the Cavaliers vs Warriors can not adapt as they did a year ago. However, it certainly helps that Stephen Curry woke up for a 32-point lineup in Game 2, grabbing 10 boards and distributing 11 assists in the process.

“It looks like it’s personal to both of us,” Draymond Green said, according to the Associated Press (via “And you’re talking about two of the best players we have in this world locked in the way they are, so we’re up 2-0.”

Lost in the hype surrounding Golden State’s top two players, it’s easy to forget that Klay Thompson flew under the radar as he came out of his fall shooting, scoring 22 in 4 of 7 shots from the bottom. Cavaliers vs Warriors also continue to garner respectable outings from men like JaVale McGee, Shaun Livingston and Ian Clark.

As most stood out after Game 1, the settings are the main key for Cavaliers to enter Game 3. Being at home is simply a bonus. As LeBron himself told the media on Sunday night, there are bright spots where the team can concentrate while trying to return, according to Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times.
“It slipped a bit out of control towards the end, but we did not worry about that, we raced, we reduced it to four at one point and then we had a quick 9-0 or 12-0 run. , If you made a mistake, we had a rotation, it came from me, then we made a mistake and the floods opened again, “James said.

But that’s the point, right? The Cavaliers vs Warriors magnify any mistake. The Cavaliers can not do the same. On Sunday, the Warriors turned the ball over 20 times to Cleveland’s Nine and they still blew them away. Throwing 51.7 percent of the soil and taking the battle in the pot 53-41 has a way to compensate.

Picking Game 3 should follow a similar pattern, regardless of the regional settings. Anyone watching during the night of the Sunday blast could see that LeBron was visibly gassed on the stretch. This series, thanks to Durant, is simply asking him to do too much at both ends of the court.

For the Cavaliers to win, LeBron needs to be his usual scoring self at that end of the court, and then find a way to close an old MVP like Durant on the opposite end.

It is not happening. The Cavaliers do not have anyone who can stick to Durant alone and let LeBron run wild. These warriors were built to create this dilemma. In Cleveland, it will shine again Wednesday night. A thrust from the home crowd will keep this one closer, but the warriors are shooting for 16-0 and will not slow down now.

Prediction: Warriors 126, Cavaliers 117

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